45.00 EUR

Fully standalone, compatible with any framework, replaces xsound (or/and) interact-sound with drag and drop installation.
Requires server artifacts version 4752 or newer!

The best sound system

  • Written fully from scratch featuring the best optimization suitable for use with low-end PC's and huge servers with hundreds of players online, actual 3D audio playing from files or YouTube links, unseen smoothness and amazing features such as a very advanced vehicle audio effect system that makes you think you're in real life rather than just a game!

  • Tested on servers with +150 concurrent players and a proccessor model Intel i5-6400Results:

    ConditionsCPU usage (ms) CPU time (%)
    One vehicle radio turned on, 140 players online, +50 sounds being played every minute0.02-0.04ms3.0-8.0%
    ~10 vehicle radios turned on at the same place in a car meet and a placed radio on the ground, 125+ players online, +30 sounds being played every minute in other places0.06-0.09ms10.0-20.0%
    Idle with +150 players online, +50 sounds being played every minute~0.01ms0.2-2%

  • Resource uses asset escrow which means the files are protected [encrypted], but you have access to very advanced configuration files, where you shouldn't miss any configurable options!

Let our showcase video talk for us and present the resource!

Worth mentioning features, and what you get by buying this:
  • Multiple audio file format support. Formats such as .ogg, .mp3, .wav, .aac into the sounds folder, it is way easier than with interact-sound, you don't need to convert these files to .ogg, they are automatically detected.
  • Seamless 3D sound, no sound cutting or crackling between right and left ears, only smooth transitions.
  • High configurability including an option to have the sounds in entities that are type vehicle muffled if the door is closed & you're not sitting in it. 
  •  Amazing optimization knowing this script does complex math calculations. With more than 0 sounds the CPU usage is only ~0.02ms, and with 10 sound players the CPU usage is only ~0.05ms!!!! This means you can use this resource for a radio system that would be accessible by every player!! 
  • Easy alternative to interactsound or xsound, doesn't require changing event/function names!! Only transfering the sound files to high_3dsounds/assets/sounds folder.
  • Ability to play any videos from YouTube with just the link or video ID! Works the same as it does with regular audio files, supports livestreams!
  • Automatic loading of already playing sounds on the server and playing it at the same timestamp as it is for other people on player join (synced audio time position), works with server-side played sounds only!

Configuration file (config.lua)